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! >> in illinois this past tuesday, it was mitt romney's t handily, 47% to rick santorum's 35 gingrich's 8%. romney added 43 illinois delegates to his column, bringing his total count to 563. more than double santorum's 263 delegates. his nearly halfway to the magic 1144 needed to clinch the g.o.p. nomination. so is this primary marathon now a done deal? republican power players hope so. jeb bush, the former two-term florida governor and george w. bush's younger brother, endorsed governor romney on wednesday. "primary elections have been held in 34 dates and now is the time for republicans to unite behind governor romney and take our message of fiscal conservativism and job creation to all voters this fall." question, does jeb bush's endorsement of romney seal the deal for romney? pat? >> i think jeb bush is late to the party and the tea party in effect stacking arms and moving towards the romney camp. john, romney has gotten more than 50%, he's gotten 55, 50% of all the delegates he's headed straight to the nomination. and when you look at the way the democrats talk about a man of steel in ohio, a
% of the vote in, rick santorum leading mitt romney 38-37% in ohio. and in the rest of the primary newt gingrich and ron paul coming in a distant third and fourth. and virginia mitt romney wins big. 59% to 49% over ron paul. the only two names on that ballot. massachusetts a big win for mitt romney over rick santorum. 72-12%. other win for romney in massachusetts. and for neighboring vermont, romney again wins 40% to 25%. ron paul in second place. a good showing for him there. also in vermont, third and fourth place finishes those numbers coming up from ron paul and rick santorum. moving now to tennessee, rick santorum wins there over mitt romney. in tennessee romney thoughts he would do well. also in oklahoma 38% over romney. third and fourth going to gingrich and paul in that or the. in north dakota another win for santorum over ron paul in second place. mitt romney in third. newt gingrich in fourth in north dakota. in georgia a big win for newt gingrich who needed to win in his home state. third and fourth in georgia going to santorum and paul gingrich needed that one. in idaho 16% reported m
>>> ilt i will victory. after sailing to an easy win in the land of lincoln, mitt romney takes aim at obama. >> it's time to say these words. this word -- enough. we've had enough. >>> search for the shooter. french police exchange gunfire with a gunman suspected in the deadly jewish school. >>> earthquake after a powerful quake rocks mexico. the windows were shaking. i sat on the floor. it was very scary. >>> this is the "cbs morning news" for wednesday, march 21, 2012. >>> good morning, and thanks for joining us. i'm betty nguyen. the next republican primary is saturday in louisiana. rick santorum is pinning his hopes on a strong showing there after getting trounced by mitt romney in yesterday's illinois vote. a double digit win in illinois, outspending his opponents 7-1 in tv ads and grabbed his third primary victory in a row. cbs news estimates romney won 54 delegates giving him a total of 534 of 1,044 needed for the nomination. susan mcginnis is in washington to break down all of this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. romney is just about halfway there, almost halfway
. unemployment figure in late summer and how romney presuming he's the nominee performs in the debates. >> when we come back, romney's nail-biter! >>issue two, romney's nail- biter! >> in this room are the people who knocked on the doors and made the calls and went to the polls and it made an enormous difference. we didn't win by a lot but we won by enough and that's all that count. >> mitt romney's victory in michigan tuesday may have been narrow but as he said a win is a win. governor romney also won in arizona, same day, defeating rick santorum, the new darling of the right wing, of the g.o.p. right wing. prior to tuesday's primaries, there were nine other primaries, romney won four of those nine. santorum four. gingrich one. with michigan, these lever races have been a roller coaster. rom niece's tuesday win makes him the most recent candidate with momentum. the the big mo, the mo. question, how significant was romney's michigan victory? >> very significant. he was facing seeing his candidacy broken in michigan. there would have been cry for another candidate, fund-raising may have dried up
>>> the votes are in. mitt romney wins a hotly contested ohio primary. but rick santorum racks up three super tuesday victories of his own. >> as it looks right now, we're going to get at least a couple of gold medals and a whole basket full of silver medals. >> i stand ready to lead our party, and i stand ready to lead our nation to prosperity. >>> pressing for peace. president obama takes on the gop candidates saying there's more time to find a solution to the iranian nuclear threat. >> those folks don't have a lot of responsibilities. they're not commander in chief. >>> and manning gets sacked in a cost cutting move shall the indianapolis colts will send the cost cutting move shall the indianapolis colts will send the star quarterback packing. captioning funded by cbs >>> this is the "cbs morning news" for wednesday, march 7, 2012. >>> good morning everybody. good to be with you. i'm terrell brown. it is the morning after super tuesday and the one thing we know for sure, the slug-fest for the republican presidential nomination won't be over any time soon. they were toe to toe b
. the president blasted mitt romney and rick santorum and newt gingrich for distorting his strategy and for warmongering. >> one thing we have not done is we haven't launched a war. if some of these folks think that it's time to launch a war, they should say so. and they should explain to the american people exactly why they would do that and what the consequences would be. >> the president sees a window of opportunity and rejects beating the drums of war. >> what i've said is that we have a window true which we can resolve this issue peacefully. we have put forward an international framework that is applying unprecedented pressure. the iranians just stated they're willing to return to the negotiating table, and we have the opwe maintain that pressure to see how it plays out. >> question, what is the major issue of the presidential election now? is it war or the economy? james. >> i still think it's the economy. if we should have a war, that will knock the economy off the front page and put us into a recession. but if we have negotiations, and this will become an extend and pretend
. rick santorum today called it appeasement and mitt romney has said if mr. obama is reelected iran would get a nuclear weapon. >> the one thing that we have not done is we haven't launched a war. if some of these folks think that it's time to launch a war, they should say so. they should explain to the american people exactly why they would do that and what the consequences would be. >> reporter: mr. obama also said the notion that a choice to strike iran must be made in the coming months is not supported by intelligence. u.s. officials say the iranian regime has not yet decided to build a nuclear weapon. >> when we haven't thought it through and it gets wrapped up in politics we make mistakes. and typically it's not the folks who are popping off who pay the price, it's these incredible men and women in uniform and their families who pay the price. >> reporter: the president is keenly aware that tension over iran has contributed to the rising cost of gas and he acknowledged that higher prices won't do him any favors when it comes to the 2012 campaign. >> just from a political perspective
between mitt romney and rick santorum a virtual time. in virginia romney stands a good chance of capturing all 46 delegates. tyler suiters is in arlington. good morning, tyler. >> reporter: betty, good morning to you as well. mitt romney has a great chance of taking all the delegates in massachusetts, a state where he serves as governor, and in nearby vermont. it's different stakes for different candidates and it's clear today's voting could reshape the rest of the republican presidential race. mitt romney campaigned hard across ohio hours before the polls opened, asking voters in youngstown to carry him to victory on super tuesday. >> get out and vote. thank you so much. >> reporter: romney is locked in a dead heat there with rick santorum. the former pennsylvania senator had a lead there, but it started to fade after romney's three-state sweep last week. santorum admits a win in ohio is crucial. >> i would make the argument that it's not just a make or break. it's going to be a huge, huge deal. >> reporter: ohio is going to be huge because it's a battleground state to the jen general ele
slept mitt romney was declared the winner in ohio. his margin of victory about 12,000 votes. romney won five other states including virginia. >> but it was no knockout by any means. rick santorum held his own. he won three states including tennessee. he vows he is staying in the race. >> newt gingrich fulfilled his promise to win his home state of georgia. ron paul failed to capture a single state. delia goncalves joins us to break it all down. >> good morning. >> reporter: good morning. even though it seems ron paul was the loser out of last night's candidates, he is still vowing to press on with the race. so that means we are likely to see a very full field of candidates vowing for the republican nomination. a total of 1144 delegates are needed to win the party at this summer's convention. so far mitt romney is leading the pack with 415 delegates. santorum has 176. gingrich has about 105 and ron paul trails with just 47 delegates. >> tonight we're doing some counting. we're counting up the delegates for the convention and it looks good and we're counting down the days till november an
romney in the delegate? >> mitt romney might drop out. i'm not suggesting for the press, i'm not suggesting he drop out but if he wants to, i'll certainly accept his resignation. you know, after you've outspent your opponent about 50 to 1 and you still can't put the race away, at some point you might want to say maybe i can't win after all. >> with another win in the deep south rick santorum campaigns in the next key primary state with wisconsin. how well does he have to do in the rest of the primaries to be a serious contender for the nomination we'll ask him. there's breaking news overnight as former vice president dick cheney undergoes heart transplant surgery. we'll have an update. then we'll take a look at the story that is gripping the nation, the shooting of trayvon martin, an unarmed african-american teenager in florida. even the president weighed in this week. >> if i had a son he'd look like trayvon. >> reporter: there's outrage across the country over the florida law that allowed the shooter to go free. does the "stand your ground" law go too far? house republica
>> pelley: tonight, is illinois the turning point in the republican race? romney spends millions on today's primary. in chicago, we visit the nerve center of the president's campaign. jan crawford, dean reynolds and john dickerson are covering. how did a shipment of fake cancer drugs get to america from this alley in cairo? armen keteyian investigates. and in a neighborhood of gangs, fear, and mistrust, one man stands up to violence with a message. >> we can make a change in our communities. our communities are capable of more. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley reporting tonight from chicago. >> pelley: good evening from the state that gave us the first republican president-- abraham lincoln-- and where tonight mitt romney and rick santorum are competing for the chance to be the next one. the polls close in illinois at 8:00 eastern time and we've been talking to voters after their they cast their ballots today. 56% told us the most important issue is the economy and 46% of illinois voters told us they believe the economy is getting worse
with the candidates tonight. first, we'll go to wyatt andrews in liberty missouri with the romney campaign. wyatt. >> scott, afghanistan was an issue today during the romney campaign, now campaign, now in missouri. romney did not blame the afghanistan tragedy on the president or his policies. but but he did say the president was putting too much pressure on the united states military. >> your son in afghanistan, thank you for his service. ather ofter: romney speaking to the father of a service member has said that the president has kept the military too small and asked it to do too much. >> our number of troops. you know how many times we saw men and women having to be rotated back to rotated back to afghanistan and iraq. they're stretched to the breaking point in those conflicts. conflicts. >> reporter: that line about a breaking point was significant because the serviceman responsible for the afghan murders had served three tours in iraq before deploying to afghanistan. >> we should >> we should increase our number of active duty personnel by 100,000 and make sure we give our veterans the care
. mitt romney pushes for a big win as rick santorum is put on the defensive. >> my canneddy dacy doesn't hinge on whether the employment rate goes up or down. >>> and the investigation opens. the justice department and the fbi decide to look into the shoots of an unarmed african-american teenager in florida. captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us. i'm betty nguyen. not round of severe weather pounding the nation. it's not over yet. last night a tornado touched down southwest of san antonio. at least 50 homes were damaged in the small towns of divine and natalia. so far no injuries are reported but there are unconfirmed reports of people trapped in mobile homes. the storm system also brought heavy rain and flooding to parts of texas and oklahoma where much of the state is under a flash flood watch. more potentially dangerous weather is forecast for today, louisiana, arkansas, missouri, and into wisconsin. >>> mitt romney is hoping for a knockout punch in today's high-stak high-stakes. santorum was forced to skplamt his position on unemployment. susan
, and this -- if the individual mandate goes down at the federal level, does it go down in romney care and massachusetts too, if it violates the constitution? this individual mandate? >> i see -- different in romney care. it's a complicated question and i don't excuse it the way mitt romney does. but they do get exempt. >> more public opinion. i show here obama care hovers around 75%, although some provisions are popular. does this suggest obama miscalculated in pressing for wholesale reform? >> no, you can't reform the health care market by tweaking this and not tweaking that. because insurance companies are not going to excuse people with preexisting conditions or promise not to cut you off unless they get -- >> incremental health reform. what's wrong with -- >> which increment would do you? [overlapping speakers] >> if mandate goes down, i believe the exchanges which are market exchanges, regional and in stays, they will be competitive. the kaiser foundation did a survey which shows the mandate only affects six or seven percent of the population, go 18 million people! and -- excuse me [overlapping speake
in a close second. mitt romney was third in both contests but maintains a huge lead in delegates. geraldino is in washington with details on all of this. good morning. >> good morning, betty. mitt romney's performance exposes an achilles heel in his campaign. rick santorum is trying to capitalize on that weakness. and gingrich is trying to show that he is still a viable contend contender. rick santorum pulled off a southern sweep tuesday. >> we did it again. >> he told supporters in louisiana they'll keep his momentum going. >> next week, we'll come back here and we expect a huge win. >> santorum won mississippi and alabama tuesday night with the help of conservative voters and women. the former pennsylvania senator says the results will reshape the republican field. >> this is -- conservative women. >> santorum and newt gingrich continue to split the conservative vote. despite losing, the former speaker said he has no plans to drop out and this race is far from over. >> one of the things tonight proved is that the elite media's effort to convince the nation that mitt romney is inevitable j
romney, the republican with the most delegates, finished behind rick santorum annuity gingrich in mississippi and alabama. >> if you're the frontrunner and you keep coming in third, you're not much of a frontrunner. >> reporter: but by romney's new math there is no way santorum or gingrich can get enough delegates to secure the nomination. he wants them to quit. but one analyst said not so fast. >> the closer mitt gets to that magical number of 1144 delegates the more leverage he has at a hypothetical brokered convention. however, however, you know, if rumors of a santorum-gingrich super ticket prove true, well, we're in for a hot time in tampa. >> reporter: hey, it's already hot. >> got to be hot. >> reporter: we'll try to keep the heat on as we get the latest from the president's top strategist david axelrod, republican national chairman reince preibus, former republican party chair and romney supporter ed gillespie, fox news contributor rich lowrie and our own norah o'donnell. after all, this is "face the nation." captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news in washington, "fac
to illinois. mitt romney and rick santorum hope to score big in tomorrow's key midwest primary. >>> this is the "cbs morning news" for monday, march 19, 2012. >>> good morning, everybody, good to be with you. i'm tyrell brown. it's the last full day of winter but for most of the country it already feel like spring, in some places summer. temperature could hit record highs from the northern plains to the east coast today. but winter's end isn't just mild, it's turning wild. today the nation's mid section is on alert for a new bout of severe weather. funnel clouds were spotted sunday evening in southwestern oklahoma. these storms lasted just a few minutes and only damaged some power lines. another tornado was reported in nebraska. it damaged at least two homes but no injuries were reported. tornado warnings were up in central ohio sunday when cameras caught this, a bolt of lightning striking near downtown columbus. today severe thunderstorms are in the forecast for an area extending from south texas to the northeast. the threat of tornadoes is greatest in central texas, oklahoma,
romney won in wyoming, but there was no mistaking that the big battles were down south. >> good morning, y'all. good to be with you. i got it right this morning with grits. i'll tell you. delicious. >> the first time he had ever tasted grits. i just wanted to reassure all of you that i have had some acquaintance in a variety of forms with shrimp, with cheese, with gravy. i get it. >> schieffer: it was one of those you can't make it up weeks on the campaign trail. so where do things stand now? after winning georgia, newt gingrich is still dancing. but can he or santorum stop romney? we'll ask him. then we'll talk to a top obama campaign advisor robert gibbs. the latest on the campaign and afghanistan with analysis from correspondents norah o'donnell and david martin. this is "face the nation." captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news in washington, "face the nation" with bob schieffer. >> schieffer: good morning again. the overnight news from afghanistan is sober. at least 15 afghans by some counts are dead, and more are wounded after an american soldier went on a shooting spree. it hap
super tuesday here is where the republican presidential race stands. mitt romney won six of the ten states that voted yesterday. rick santorum three, newt gingrich one. so far, 22 states have voted. romney has won 13, santorum 7, gingrich two. it takes 1,144 delegates to clinch the nomination. romney is more than a third of the way there with 391. santorum has 140. gingrich 95, ron paul 38. romney won the key battleground state of ohio last night-- but just barely. john dickerson is our political director. john, where does romney stand today. >> well, scott, ohio was a lot closer than the romney campaign wanted it to be. they'd hoped if they had a commanding victory romney would be able to say that the ration was just all but over. instead, questions were raised again about his inability to connect with the most conservative members of his party. but overall, it was a good night. as you mentioned, six of ten states won by romney, 65% of the delegates at stake last night. in talking to experts today, they say it's nearly impossible for romney's competitors to overtake him in that del
-out battle to claim the nearly 100 delegates up for grabs. mitt romney wants to close the de. rick santorum is looking to gain some momentum and newt gingrich may need a win to stay in the race. we have more. >> good morning, terrell. at this stage of the game, th they're clawing for any possible advantage. right now the man with the most approved is newt gingrich. during his final push for votes, he's in the race for the long haul. >> i dot no believe the other two candidates can beat obama and i believe it's the most important race of our lifetime and i will not leave the field. >> reporter: his focus has been on the southern states. the latest poll shows he's in a fight for first and second in both blame and mississippi going into primary day. rick santorum supporters have called for gingrich to drop sought so the conservative base can rally behind the former pennsylvania senator. santorum says it's time for this to be a two-man race. >> whether he pulls it out or not, where does he go from here. we go next to illinois and he's sitting at 10%. we're at 31%. >> a new cbs new york times po
romney just a few days before the next set of primaries. >> but first the controversy continues over pink slime as yet another school system pulls the beef from the lunch line. that story is up next. >>> more fallout over the finely textured beef filler no. as pink slime. prince william county public schools say they'll stop serving the beef next fall and they join fairfax county, montgomery county and d.c. public schools in pulling from the product. the usda said ammonia treated beef is safe to seat eat, but it is allowing -- safe to eat, but it is allowing schools to opt out of using it. >>> tossed out over a tweet? that happened to a student at garrett high school in indiana. austin harold was expelled after tweeting a floor letter expletive. he claims it was sent -- a four letter expletive. he claims it was sent from his own computer on his own time, but it was done while i was on campus. the principal admits all tweets are tracked by a student once they log in. so that means it could have tracked tweets austin did send from home. the senior is headed to an alternative school just so
there? >> oh, sure, i said, i think with you a couple of weeks ago that romney had to win michigan, they had to win georgia, and santorum has to win pennsylvania. you lose credibility if the folks who know you best repudiate you. i think that will lead to a spirited campaign in george a. i've been at home campaigning for a few days and i'll be back to the chamber of commerce on tuesday morning before i go to huntsville. in addition it means that you have -- senator santorum will find pennsylvania competitive. >> bob: you're looking good in georgia according to the polls. it looks like santorum and governor romney are neck in neck in ohio. how do you see super tuesday shaking down? what would you expect to see wednesday morning as you looks back >> i think there will be santorum and romney in the lead, and me in third place, and coming back and gaining ground f. you look at the gallup numbers, i closed the gap on santorum dramatically in the last two and a half weeks. this is the seventh time that you and i have talked about it. this is the seventh time i've been through the up and
romney can claim six out of ten victories. rick santorum got three states. >> key contest in ohio was extremely close. 9news reporter delia goncalves is in our satellite center with more. >> reporter: good morning. mitt romney squeaked out a victory in that key state of ohio, narrowly beating out his main competitor at this point rick santorum. we have a breakdown of what last night looked like and what everyone won. romney you can see won -- i'm sorry, that is newt gingrich. you can see he just won -- i apologize, folks. we'll go to romney. romney is the front-runner and won the races last night. you could say he was a clear winner of super tuesday winning ohio, massachusetts, vermont, idaho, alaska. he walks awie with a total of 418 delegates. rick santorum gained the silver medal as he says. he took tennessee, north dakota and oklahoma. we're not able to show you the full screen at this moment. let me continue to go down the numbers. newt gingrich got his first win in his home state as expected, his home state of georgia. that brings the total delegates to 105. ron paul, though
, mitt romney eeks out a tight victory. but, can he convince the gop that he is their man? we'll talk with republican leader eric cantor and top gop strategist mike murphy. >>> i'm gayle king. more sponsors drop rush limbaugh. so what is next for the controversial commentator? >>> when i see you at 8:00, the fbi is asking for help in finding one of its own. john miller has the bizarre case of that missing agent. >>> i'm erica hill. one of the nfl's biggest stars getting a pink slip. where peyton manning may be heading next and apple fans hoping the rumors are true this morning. could the new ipad be revealed today. >>> but first as we do every morning shall we begin with a look at today's eye-opener. your world in 90 seconds. >> we are counting up the delegates for the convention and it looks good and we're counting down the days to november and that looks better. >> mitt romney tags his lead winning six super tuesday states, including a close contest in ohio. >> we're going to get at least a couple of gold medals and a whole passel full of silver medals. >> newt gingrich got the win
prize in all this, ohio. polls there show the two front runners mitt romney and rick santorum, are basically in a dead heat. >> if you think this campaign against president obama is going to be about the economy and jobs and government being too big, then i'm the guy you need to nominate. >> i come to the people of ohio as a candidate who shouldn't be here, shouldn't be here if you looked at any political expert and you look at the money that's been spent. >> newt gingrich making his super tuesday push in georgia and tennessee. ron paul campaigned in idaho looking for half of his very first win in the caucuses there. joining me now to talk about more of what might happen tomorrow, democratic strategist dick camber and political newspaper editor john gizzy, 10 states in the mix tomorrow, all eyes on two, tennessee and ohio. there either the wheels come off for rick santorum or he gains super momentum. which is more likely? >> neither. i think that mitt romney will' learn on top in ohio because party -- will emerge on top in ohio because party organization is strong and he's bee
. >>> a resounding victory for mitt romney in illinois, but his g.o.p. opponents aren't ready to leave the race for the white house. i'm randall pinkston, that story coming up. >>> let's take a look at the republican race for president. mitt romney says that he is closing in on the republican nomination. yesterday he grabbed a decisive win in illinois. randall pinkston reports romney's opponents have no intention, however, of leaving the race. >> reporter: mitt romney's big win in illinois widens his lead in the delegate race putting him almost halfway to the number needed for the republican nomination. >> we thank the people of illinois for their vote. >> reporter: romney outspend his opponent 7-1 and won over republicans who care most about beating president obama. but he is still struggling to excite the base. voter turnout was low in illinois, something democrats are quick to point out. >> you could draw a bigger crowd at a green bay packers rally in downtown chicago. >> reporter: rick santorum finished a distant second in ili. romney supporters are calling for him to leave the race but san
to the latest on campaign 2012 and the race for the white house and republican mitt romney picked up another personally big endorsement, but his gop opponents are still hanging in there. danielle nottingham reports from the white house. >> reporter: mitt romney took the stage in wisconsin with one of that state's best known lawmakers. he picked up the endorsement of congressman paul ryan, a conservative known for taking a tough line on government spending. >> because in this man we have a person of conviction, we have a man with the right kind of experience. >> reporter: ryan joins a growing list of republican leaders lining up to support romney including former president george h.w. bush. despite that the former governor's chief rival rick santorum says he'll fight to the finish campaigning in wisconsin saying the obama administration keeps imposing rules that are killing jobs. >> i will eliminate every single one of those regulations on day one. >> reporter: santorum is trailing seven points behind romney in the latest wisconsin poll. newt gingrich is barely registering on the same surv
just a few days away. rick santorum's lead over mitt romney is down to four points. tuesday will also be a critical day for newt gingrich. >> reporter: mitt romney and rick santorum have their sights set on ohio, the biggest prize among the ten states holding contests super tuesday. a new poll of likely republican voters shows the race tightening between the two front runners with santorum hanging on to a four-point lead. washington state republicans will weigh in first. they caucus saturday. santorum was there last night challenging romney's conservative credentials. >> this race is about what kind of america you're going to leave to your children and grandchildren. >> reporter: voters are listening after santorum nearly beat romney in his home state of michigan. >> he has a great chance to beat mitt romney and to beat president obama. >> reporter: but the prolong nomination battle is a sign that many g.o.p. voters are still undecided. more than a third of ohio republicans say they have yet to select a candidate. mitt romney insists he's got the best chance to beat president obama an
shot and killed an unarmed black teenager. >>> mitt romney campaign is all shook up as the candidate is a sketchy comment made by a staffer. >> the issues i'm running on will be exactly the same. >>> and feeling the pain. the nfl with bounty hunting with a big hit on the new orleans saints. >> we have a serious violation threatened the health and welfare of our players. >>> good morning. betty nguyen. >>> we begin with the outcry over the shooting of an unarmed black teenager in florida. the neighborhood watch man who shot the teen has not been arrested for last month's shooting. here in new york a demonstration was held in memory of trayvon martin. >> reporter: a crowd of supporters surrounded the parents of 17-year-old trayvon martin as they left a rally in manhattan's union square. it was hectic but peaceful. supporters are calling for justice for the teen who was shot dead by a man in his florida gated community. >> it was a travesty what happened to this young man. i want to show solidarity for the family. >> incredible this young man was murdered, practically a month ago and hi
republicans are now gathering around mitt romney. last night it was florida center marco marco rubio, and late today, the first president bush threw his support to romney. hoe told him to "get on and win the presidency." bob of bob schieffer is our cbs news chief washington correspondent and the anchor of "face the nation." bob, what do we make of these endorsements? >> reporter: i'll tell you, scott, endorsements are nice. i've never thought they made that much difference, but what this tells you is that the bushes believe that romney is going to win the nomination. people seldom endorse losers so there may be a little bandwagon effect here that would give romney a boost. i'll tell you the place where romney g romney got no endorsement today edd that's when i interviewed vice president biden in milwaukee. romney, he said, is out of touch, stuck in the past, and doesn't have answers for anything. >> and what is-- what is the romney answer? there's not there's nothing. all they argue is cut. get rid of that. get rid of that. look, this is about the middle cl class and what affects middle class
hopefuls are hoping to check the momentum of the mitt romney campaign. voters will be going to the polls in ten states tomorrow, including virginia. randall pinkston has our super tuesday preview. >> reporter: mitt romney is fighting hard to widen his lead in ohio with just 24 hours to go. >> you have a big say as to who are nominee is going to be. >> reporter: that state is the most watched race out of ten super tuesday contests. a new quinnipiac poll shows romney gaining ground and his rival rick santorum slipping a bit. the two are now virtually tied. romney is trying to convince voters he is the best choice to shore up the nation's sagging economy. >> i understand what it takes to get a business successful and to thrive. i understand how government gets in the way. >> reporter: rick santorum argues the fact that romney has a big financial advantage and has not yet wrapped up the nomination shows voters aren't convinced the governor is the best candidate to challenge the president. the former senator says if newt gingrich would call it quits then santorum's conservative message would
to texas. >>> taking a look at some of the other things on the campaign trail, mitt romney picked up a key endorsement in his quest to become the republican presidential nominee. former governor jeb bush backed romney. a top romney advisor was asked if the g.o.p. primary race was pushed romney so far to the right, he'd risk alienating middle of the road voters in a possible fall campaign. the advisor likened romney's campaign to an etch sketch, something you can shake and start all over. romney said his policies and positions will be the same. >>> a nigerian woman is under arrest following a record heroin bust at dulles airport. border agents say the 52-year- old ingested 180 thumb size pellets filled with the drug. she told customs she was here to visit her brother but couldn't provide a description. it's worth about $150,000 on the street. she is in the custody of immigration and homeland security agents. >>> police believe they have pictures which may show the man who attack add 16-year-old girl in -- attacked a 16-year-old girl in fairfax on monday as she was walking home from wood soo
measure requires women to have an adomal ultrasound. that law takes effect in july. >> mitt romney is working to capitalize on his wins in six of the ten super tuesday states. but despite picking up 211 delegates. the attention today has been on the lack of a knockout punch for the front runner. in fact, in ohio, 6 in 10 people asked in exit polling said they were completely sold on the candidate they voted for, and as randall pinkston reports, the battle for the nomination is no closer to ending. >> lesli, mitt romney has reason to celebrate after winning more states and more delegates than any of his opponents in yesterday's super tuesday contest. but political analysts point to some weaknesses saying that romney barely won ohio and had a very poor showing in the south, suggesting that he cannot yet claim support from conservative republicans. mitt romney's campaign insists tuesday's victories mean he will be the last man standing at the end of the republican primary. >> we are doing counting. we are counting up the delegates and it looks good and counting down the days until n
primary. mitt romney leads with 493 delegates, followed by rick santorum with 218. newt gingrich 120 and ron paul with 42. no one is close to the 1,144 needed to clinch the nomination. next week right in the middle of this campaign the supreme court will consider the constitutionality of president obama's health care reform law. so we thought this would be a good time to ask the republicans what they would do about health care. first, dean reynolds with the santorum campaign. dean? >> reporter: scott, senator santorum-- like the other republican candidates-- gets some of his loudest applause when he says his top priority will be to repeal the national health care law which president obama signed two years ago. >> senator, i know you're opposed to the national health care law, but i'm a little vague on what you would do instead of it. >> not romneycare, not obamacare not government mandated health care or government controlled health care. >> reporter: santorum's alternative would be a major overhaul centered on what he calls health savings accounts. they would involve businesses payi
to where we need to be. >> reporter: still, republicans like mitt romney target the fact that the unemployment rate has been stuck above 8% for almost mr. obama's entire presidency. >> my friends, the truth is 8% unemployment unemployment is not the best america can do. it's just the best this administration can do. >> reporter: the key, experts say, scott, is not just the state of the economy but how americans perceive it. and although there's been some improvement in consumer confidence, it's still far from where the president needs it to be. >> pelley: norah, thank you. in the race for the republican presidential nomination, kansas holds a caucus this weekend. hawaii, alabama, and mississippi vote on tuesday. the latest poll in mississippi shows a lead for newt gingrich over mitt romney and rick santorum. with all three still in the race it is possible that the republicans won't know who their nominee is before their national convention. nancy cordes has been looking into this. >> morning, y'all. (applause) >> reporter: mitt romney poured on newfound southern charm tod
. i'm charlie rose. more trouble for mitt romney. rick santorum pulls off two big wins in mississippi and alabama. so what does this mean for the fight for the gop nomination. >>> also we'll talk to leon panetta. >>> i'm erica hill. the dow soars along with temperatures around the nation. plus, we'll talk to george clooney as he prepares to testify for congress and meet with president obama. >>> i'm gayle king. prince harry tells us how the work of his mother, princess diana influenced his own humanitarian efforts. when i see you at 8:00, jason segel stops by. >>> first, as we do every day, we begin with today's eye-opener. your world in 90 seconds. >>> we did it again. >> rick santorum sweeps the south winning primaries in mississippi and alabama. >> we're going to win this nomination before that convention. >> this air of inevitability that romney has -- >> if you're the front-runner and keep coming in third, you're not much of a front-runner. >>> i'm the one guy in this race who can beat barack obama. >> from my perspective, he has to get rid of those stupid blue jeans. >> some men
. elizabeth, thank you. in the presidential race, after his win in illinois last night, mitt romney got a big endorsement today from jeb bush, the former governor of florida says it is time for republicans to unite around the front-runner. romney defeated rick santorum in illinois by 12 points. romney's now come in first in primaries and caucuses in 16 states and has just under half of the delegates needed to clinch the nomination. john dickerson is our cbs news political director, and, john, san sorm, gingrich, and paul are all still in the race, but is this becoming a one-man contest? >> reporter: it sure does look like it, and that's what was important about this endorsement today. romney's gotten a lot of them, but this one is different because jeb bush is a well-respected figure in the party, and romney's been make, the case in the wake of his big win in illinois that the party should rally around him. he has that insurmountable lead in the delegate count and that a bruising race only hurts the effort to take on barack obama. and jeb bush echoed that view saying after 34 contests it was
on the november ballot. >>> republican presidential candidate mitt romney has reversed his position on a senate bill that would exempt employers from a white house rule requiring free birth control coverage. the senate is scheduled to vote on senator roy blunt's amendment today. it would allow employers to deny insurance coverage based on moral objections. yesterday romney said he opposed the measure. >> i'm not for the bill but look the idea of presidential candidates getting into questions about contraception within a relationship between a man and a woman, husband and wife, i'm not going there. >> later, he said he didn't understand the question saying "i thought he was talking about some state law that prevented people from getting contraception, so i misunderstood the question and of course, i support the blunt amendment." >>> today romney and the other presidential hopefuls are gearing up for next week's super tuesday primaries. 119 delegates will be up for grabs. this week's michigan primary, romney won 13 and rick santorum 11. six will be allocated later. romney won 157 delegates so far
is with the romney campaign in cincinnati, ohio. >> my goal if i were to become president is pretty straightforward-- i want more jobs for the people of home. , for the people of america. >> reporter: in this key trying to manage expectations. he wants to win and he's fighting hard. romney's closed the gap with rick santorum. just last week, one poll had him down by double digits. the latest polls show he's cut that to four, within the margin of error. in the campaign events he has kept his focus on president obama. >> he wants to raise taxes. it will kill jobs. i will lower taxes to create more jobs and rising incomes. >> reporter: in television ads he's hit rick santorum hard. >> just another washington insider. >> reporter: when voters in ohio and nine other states cast ballots on tuesday, romney is counting on wins in at least three-- vermont, his home state of massachusetts, and virginia. and he's expected to win the overall delegate battle. but ohio is a statement, a big midwestern state that could show romney is in command of the race. now, if he does win here, romney has an even better argu
at >>> a clean sweep for mitt romney last night in the michigan and arizona primaries and now the four republican presidential candidates are gearing up for super tuesday vying for 437 dl gates next week when voters in these 10 states head off to the polls. that's more than 1/3 of what you need to claim the nomination and three of the gop candidates spent today focusing on different states. romney is in ohio trying to build on his recent success. rick santorum is in tennessee counting or courting social conservatives and newt gingrich is in his homestate of georgia where he hopes to get his campaign back on track, but their messages are pretty much the same, vote for us. >> that is the key building block that we have to have to move forward in the presidential campaign. >> we've got work to do. i need your votes. i need you guys to get out. >> i'm running because i want to return the power that's gone to washington back to the american people. >> the one candidate not on the trail today? ron paul, the texas congress member was at work on capitol hill where he was going after t
santorum to drop out of the race. both want to go head to head with mitt romney. romney has time and the delegate counts on his side. he has 391 delegates, more than double his closest competitor. tyler suitors is in washington with more. >> kansas, alabama, mississippi. if rick santorum wins all of these three upcoming states and there's a chance he could, by this time next week we could have a two-man race. rick santorum told supporters in jackson, mississippi, next week's primary could be a game changer. >> if we win mississippi, this will be a two-person race. >> santorum is battling with newt gingrich to win over conservative voters and emerge as mitt romney's lone rival. the former pennsylvania senator has consistently split that base with gingrich allowing romney to win in michigan and ohio, key states. santorum is calling short of calling gingrich to drop out of race. >> if he wants to get out, i'm all for that. >> newt gingrich says that won't happen. >> we're staying in this race because i believe that it's going to be impossible for a moderate to win with the general e
delegates to win. randall pinkston has more. >> reporter: mitt romney greeted voters in illinois explaining why he should win the state's g.o.p. primary. >> i'm going to get us the energy on the ground we need so we can keep the money that's being spent buying energy from other people, keep it here, put people to work with those dollars. >> reporter: romney rolls into the next contest with new momentum from his overwhelming victory in puerto rico over the weekend. >> 20 delegates, all the contents that were in that contest are ours so that's good news. >> reporter: he's holding on to more delegates than all his rivals combined. now romney's campaign is stepping up calls for other republican white house hopefuls to step aside but his chief challenger rick santorum vows he will fight to the end. >> the convention will nominate a conservative, not the establishment moderate candidate from massachusetts. >> reporter: santorum claims romney is outspending him 10-1 ahead of tomorrow's pry appear in illinois. >> it's mit rom my who is systematically has gone out there and run a negative campaign,
romney campaigned pretty hard. >> we did it again. >> reporter: the former senator of pennsylvania picked up hard fought victories in the alabama and mississippi primaries. >> this campaign is about ordinary folks dog extraordinary things, sort of like america. >> reporter: now he's -- now he says it's time for this to become a two-man race. santorum wants his fellow conservative newt gingrich to drop his bid for the white house, but the former house speaker appears ready to take the fight all the way to the g.o.p. convention in august. he says he's staying in because mitt romney is not the right choice for the party. >> frankly i do not believe that a massachusetts moderate who created romney care as the forerunner of obama compare is going to be in a position to win any debates this fall. >> reporter: but there's growing pressure on gingrich to call it quits. he campaigned hard in alabama and mississippi. at one point predicting he would win both states. now he admits he'll have to rework his strategy. mitt romney picked up wins in hawaii tuesday. now he's fighting to knock down santoru
this and how she moves on and how perhaps she can help them. >> thanks. >>> in other news tonight, mitt romney took another step towards the republican nomination with the win tonight in illinois. now, before the loss, rick santorum tried to accentuate the positive. gary nurenberg is there with more. gary. >> reporter: anita, santorum had hoped to slow the growing sense of romney in eftibility in his party but romney won. 47% to santorum's 35. gingrich and paul in third and fourth place with 9 and 8% of the vote respectively. although romney spent much of his illinois primary money on broadcast ads sabotaging santorum, his victory speech sounded more tonight like a general election attack on president obama. >> after years of too many apologies and not enough jobs, historic drops in income and historic highs in gas prices, a president who doesn't hesitate to use all the means necessary to force through obama care in the american public but leaves from behind in the world. it's time to say these words, this word, enough. [ cheers and applause ] >> we've had enough. . [ cheers and applause ] >>
primaries tuesday in mississippi and alabama, while mitt romney continues to lead rick santorum says' making strides and feels confident key go ahead of romney, key win if newt gingrich gets out of the way. of course, newt gingrich says he's not leaving. >> we think that folks in mississippi and alabama are going to vote for the conservative who represents their values that can present the best contrast with president obama. >> we are going to get a lot of keel gats in both mississippi and alabama, and i think the odds are pretty good that we'll win them. >> romney did not campaign this weekend. he will join the others back on the trail on monday. saturday romney won the wyoming caucuses. romney now has 545 delegates. that's twice as many as santorum, gingrich, and ron paul combined, but it's still a long way from the 1144 needed to win the republican nomination. >>> it was a year ago today when police arrived in an up- scale bethesda store to find one young woman hog tied and another bludgeoned to death. arrest man do you trial has the details. >> reporter: (s:reporter hugh murray made a bi
put president obama 8 points ahead of mitt romney, that's if republican get the nomination. if rick santorum is the nomination, he leads by 9 points. but, as danielle tells us today, the republican candidates are focused directly on the state of illinois. >> mitt romney and rick santorum spent the past few days pounding the pavement in illinois. romney continues to make the case that he is the best candidate to win back the white house. >> we're going to get this job done. we are going to defeat barack obama. >> santorum had to do some damage control after saying he didn't, quote, care about the unemployment rate. >> casually you say some things you wish you had a do over. >> mitt romney is expected to do well in suburban chicago districts like this one while rick santorum is counting on a big turnout from conservatives in the southern part of the state. even with a strong turnout, santorum faces an uphill battle for illinois delegates. his campaign did not file the appropriate paperwork in a handful of districts. and some counties have run into their own problem at the polls.
the question is will newt gingrich stay in and will mitt romney bounce back? >> reporter: rick santorum pulled off a southern sweep tuesday. >> we did it again. >> reporter: he told supporters in louisiana they'll keep his momentum going. >> next week we'll come back here and we expect a huge win. >> reporter: santorum won mississippi and alabama tuesday night with the help of very conservative voters and women. the former pennsylvania senator says the results will reshape the republican field. >> [ inaudible ] >> reporter: santorum and newt gingrich continue to split the conservative vote. despite losing, the former speaker says he has no plans to drop out and this race is far from over. >> one of the things tonight proved is that the elite media's effort to convince the nation that mitt romney is inevitable just collapsed. >> reporter: alabama and mississippi allocate their delegates proportionately so gingrich, santorum and mitt romney all added to their totals but romney still holds a significant lead. romney lost both states yesterday, partly because he wasn't able to rally the conservati
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